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Amateur Radio Technician Class

Our Technician License Preparation Class covers basic regulations, operating practices, and elementary electronics theory, with a focus on VHF and UHF use.  You will learn how to communicate with other local ham operators, communicate via repeaters, participate in nets, and build a basic antenna.  You will also learn correct amateur radio operating practices and safety.

With a Technician Class license, you will have all ham radio privileges above 30 MHz.  These privileges include the very popular 2-meter band.  You will enjoy using small (2 meter) hand-held radios to stay in touch with other hams in your area.  You may operate FM voice, digital packet (on computers), television, single-sideband voice, and several other interesting modes. 

You can even make international radio contacts via satellites, using relatively simple station equipment. Technician License operators now also have additional privileges on certain HF frequencies. With this license, you may also operate on the 80, 40, 15 meter bands using Morse Code (CW), and on the 10 meter band using CW, voice, and digital modes.

Our next LARC-sponsored Amateur Radio Licensing Class for the Technician License (initial Amateur Radio operator license, beginner level) is scheduled for late summer.  It is a 24-hour long class spaced over eight 3-hour sessions.  The cost for this class is $10 ($5 for high-school students).

Registration for the August class IS NOW OPEN!


Objectives:  Students will learn, understand, discuss, and review material on FCC Technician Licensing Exam.

Where:  Niwot Fire Station, 8500 Niwot Road,  Niwot, CO  80503  (in Boulder County, just south of Longmont) - Google Map (door to classroom is on lower level, east side, by the short wall - south (to the left) of the large doors for the fire engines)

When: The class will be held from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Mondays & Thursdays.

Makeup / Review dates will be announced in the Syllabus.  If you must miss a class, it is recommended that you schedule a seat in one or more of the makekup/review/study group sessions to learn the material and see the most-important demos, to understand the material for your test. 

The Club also offers an Exam Session (not part of the class) on Saturday following the class.  See the Licensing/Testing link on the left.

Prerequisites: Desire to become a Ham Radio Operator!  Committment to studying and learning the required material to pass your Amateur Radio exam.

** You must register for this class in advance, as seats are limited.  Seats are not guaranteed until the class fee is PAID.  **  Fee is non-refundable.

Required Textbook: ARRL Technician License Manual (see below)

You may purchase the spiral-bound ARRL Amateur Radio License Manual at a discount from the instructors.  You also may acquire it elsewhere or in other (i.e. electronic) formats, but make sure you can access it in class as well.

Also, be aware that the Technician question pool changes over time, so make sure that the book you purchase covers the current set of questions.  The books we use are the Third Edition and cover the question pool that is valid through 6/30/2018.

Preparation and reading of class material is expected prior to the beginning of each class, as specified in the Syllabus and Course Schedule you will receive on the first day.

For more details contact Kat Gonderinger using the email address of W0UM.kat at


Registered Students:

# Student Paid   # Student Paid
1  T. Bloom     9    
2  J. Lamers  
3  M. Beckman     11    
4  C. Poch     12    
5  J. Jhatakia     13    
6  N. Joseph     14    
7       15    
8       16    

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