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This page can be used to post items for sale as well as items that you might be looking to purchase.

This page was created on 22 July 2012 due to some problems with the previous version of this page. I am currently experimenting with adjusting the access to this page in order to avoid those types of problems. So if you had items listed For Sale previously that have been lost due to this re-organization, please contact me at  Sorry for any inconvenience..Jerry

Until I learn how to set up this page so anyone can add data without being able to alter other portions of the page, please feel free to Login and add your items for sale or items wanted in a comment to the page. Let's see how that works.....Jerry


A great deal for Collins collectors:  75S-3 receiver, S-line station with 312B-4 Station Control, 310B-1 Exciter (this one really takes you back to the good old days).  All in great condition, cared for by a former Collins engineer.  For details:

All that's left is a 75S-3 receiver. 

50 Ft Rohn Tower/Rotor. Cushcraft TriBeam antenna (10,15,20m) plus other varius antenna's. Cushcraft A3 is missing mounting kit although the kit is still available on Cushcraft website. The Antenna sells new for $599.95.  I may have hardware around here somewhere. Hy-Gain 18AVS Vertical and Other antenna's are in varius stages. Entire package  $350. 303-870-6349

From the 1950's.  Looks like new except for minor scratches.  Untested.  Comes with some Xtals.

If you are interested in looking at it, plugging it in, seeing if it transmits, contact Doug, KE0SI,, Longmont, Colorado. 

Price?  Negotiable based on value.  Money goes to LARC club. 

This Yeasu FT-23 is owned by Mark LeBlanc (N7PUR). Has 3 bad batteries, new ones are about $20 on ebay. Worked when he last used it some years ago. Make an offer to 303-7761374 or KE0EE, 303-775-1994. If you want to see it or just a picture let me know KE0EE - Don.

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