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Colorado Air National Guard Flyover Wednesday, May 6

The Colorado ANG will be flying F-16 Falcons over various Colorado cities and towns on Wednesday, May 5th from 4:30pm to 6:00pm to salute those fighting on the front lines against COVID-19.

For details, see the CNG web page at: (see the "Related Documents" link on the lower right for detailed times and flyover locations.  See attachment to this article for flight plan.

If you have an AM-capable receiver, you might try to listen in on their transmissions.  I've not seen the exact frequencies listed, unfortunately, but during the recent Thunderbird flyover, there was discussion on the RMHAM and Colorado Connection repeaters giving out the frequencies, so that might be a good place to look (or listen).

Please feel free to add comments with frequencies if you are aware of them!


I saw the following frequencies posted on Facebook (I have no idea if they're correct or not) - remember, you need to be in AM mode!


299.650, 307.700, 237.800, 249.625 MHz

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