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Licensing / Testing

LARC Provides FCC License / Upgrade Testing

When: 10:00 am on 2/27/21 ARRL VE Session    

Where: Terry Street Professional Building, 350 Terry St, Longmont CO 80501

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Masks are required for this session

 Request Test Info:  Contact Form

Please use this form to notify our VEs of your intent to attend a session and guarantee that there will be a testing session as scheduled   Please include your phone number so we can notifiy you in case of any last-minute changes to the exam session.

What You Must Bring to the Exam Session:

  • If NOT already licensed, you MUST get your FRN (FCC Registration Number). Obtain yours prior to the test (& bring a copy of it to the test) at 
  • One government-issued picture ID OR two alternate forms of identification, such as a Social Security card, birth certificate (with seal), utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person, a postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his/her current address, or a minor's work permit, school report card, school ID card or library card.
  • A copy of your current FCC license (if you have one, we must keep this copy)
  • Original and one photo copy of CSCE (Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam) toward the next class license (if any, if no license yet).
  • $15.00 - You may pay either in cash (exact change please), or by check made out to ARRL VEC.
  • Supplies: blue or black ballpoint pen, two #2 pencils, good eraser, (optional) calculator.
  • You may not use a cell phone, computer, tablet, etc. as a calculator.  Programmable calculators must have their memory completely cleared.
The examination fee allows an examinee to take one test of each element. Element retakes are allowed for an additional payment of $15.00 per test.
Training Classes:

LARC offers License Preparation classes frequently throughout the year for all three Amateur Radio Licenses. To learn more about these and/or to register, click on the Education link on the left.  Many of our classes also offer additional Exam Sessions at the end of the class -- use the Education link to learn about these as well.
Testing Assistance:

There are several places on-line to take practice tests, including the following:

How to Become a VE:

The "V" in "VE" stands for "Volunteer."  Serve the amateur radio community by helping others progress through the licensing process.  Once you obtain your General license, you can become a (limited) VE.

There is no cost and the process is simple.  For more information, visit the ARRL's Volunteer Examiner web page, contact us via the Contact Form, or talk to us after an exam session.  We'd be happy to have you!

Other Testing Sites:

If our testing sessions do not work for you, here is information from various VECs:

The next closest local exams are probably given by the Boulder Amateur Radio Club's VE team.  See their web page for more information.

Most ham fests also provide license exam sessions (one of our sessions is at our own yearly LARCFest in April.


Is it too early to sign up for the 10/24/20 testing session? Thanks!

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