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Amateur Extra License Class

If you are interested in taking an Extra Class License Preparation Course, similar in format to our Technician and General Courses that we offer, please let us know your preferences by clicking here.  

If we can get 10-12 potential students to pre-register by completing this survey, we will offer this class.  

We do need SERIOUS commitments -- preparing for and teaching this class will require a LOT of work on our part, and studying for this test will require a LOT of work and commitment on YOUR part -- but if you are serious about taking this training, we will offer it for you, to help you get through your Extra License Exam.

PLEASE LET US KNOW THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED, and we will begin our lesson planning and preparation required to bring you this class!  

Please note that the earliest we can bring you this class would be in March 2017, as our next Technician class completes on 02/25 with the VE Exam.  This is actually ok, because it will take us this long to prepare our lesson materials, as they must all be prepared from scratch!  (The ARRL does not offer an Extra Class License Training program to start from.)

If you already know that you WANT TO TAKE THIS CLASS, please do the survey, AND you can already start registering for this class!  We will let you know as soon it is scheduled!





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