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LARC Thursday Night Net

LARC Thursday Night Net

When you are ready to signup for NCS  CLICK HERE 

The club currently hosts an informal net on the clubs VHF and UHF Repeaters

Every Thursday evening at 8 PM Local time

(except for the rare holiday - and maybe even then)


The purpose of the Net, other than to exercise the repeaters, is to provide information concerning the activities of the club for our membership
as well as all Amateur Radio Operators in our coverage area.   


This is a good time to exercise your radios, to make sure they are fully operational and working as designed, getting acquainted with members  and other hams in the area. It is also a great place
to get answers to your radio operating questions and maintain proficiency in 
net operations so we can be ready to support our community in times of emergency.


The current Net Manager is Jerry Schmidt (N0OUW), and I can be reached by e-mail by clicking on my name.

Acting as Net Control, as well as the protocol for participating in a controlled net, is a valuable skill to learn and anyone who would like to give this activity a try should contact Jerry. 

Have a look at our current 'suggested' script   (new as of 5/29/2018)

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