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From the President (October 2017)

From the President (October 2017)


I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support over the past year.  We have had a great turnout for our presentations at the general meetings; at our LARCFest last February; at the radio support opportunities we provided; the Field Day activities and the help with all other activities we have sponsored throughout the year.  Our education team has worked very hard to provide training to new hams and those that wanted to upgrade their license.  At our last general meeting, we voted for new officers of the club.  The results were:


President – Starr Aldrich (N0AES)

Vice President – Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)

Treasurer – Don Lewis (KE0EE)

Secretary – Pat Engstrom (W1PGE)


Thanks to all that came to the meeting and participated in the process.  It is our hope that during the next election cycle that some of you will consider running for one of the offices as well.


This past year we have also spent a lot of time on our repeater.  We worked closely with the Longmont Emergency Management to get our repeater placed atop the Longmont Justice Center.  We are also working with the RMHAM group in making improvements to our repeater reception which will come soon.  Other upgrades will also be considered this year and we welcome any input that the members may have for enhancing their Amateur Radio experience here at the local level.


One new area for LARC members to become involved with will be support for the Longmont Emergency Management in the implementation of HD Video support.  We are looking forward to working with them as soon as we know that the City Budget includes a funding allowance for the equipment that will be needed.  We will keep you posted on how the club can assist in that activity.


We also will be looking for your support with our LARCFest in 2018.  There will be areas that will need to be addressed over the next few months - and we’ll need volunteers to help to accomplish our goals.


I extend a warm welcome all the new Ham Operators that have earned new licenses and joined our club this past year.  We hope you will choose to become involved with the various committees and activities that the club makes available to our members.  We also have the Mentoring program, a project that allows new hams to call upon and seek advice from longtime, experienced hams in an effort to help get them started with all the fun that radio communication has to offer.  All they need to do is contact Ron Schwartz (K2RAS) to have a mentor assigned.


We have also had many past members and others that have been licensed for many years and found LARC as a club they wish to join or rejoin as a member.  We welcome you to the club as well, and we  hope that you continue to come to the meetings and participate in our many activities.  Your expertise and experience is valued and we would love to see you often throughout the year.


The Board works diligently to keep things informative and fun for the LARC members.  That said, we will always value your input on our many projects and activities.  If you want to join one of the committees (Membership, Publicity, Planning or Technical) please contact a board member.    If you have questions about the committees, we can help there too!  As you president, I would like to see some new people become interested in the operation of the club to make way for potential new board members in the future.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about club activities.  You can also contact any board member from the club website at



73’s and let’s have another fun year at LARC.


Starr Aldrich N0AES – President LARC

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