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We are off to a great new year of 2017.  LARC has many things to do this year and we are looking for idea’s for additional things our members wish the club to be involved with.

We are continuing our work on the 2m repeater trying to resolve the Intermod issue.  Bear with us as the technical committee works on it.  We have updated the web page to indicate what is going on and some of the things that are being looked at down the road.  Right now we are waiting for good weather.  It seems the repeater is currently working well but every once in a while, the Intermod raises its ugly head.  We do have the information on the activities performed so far on the club web site so if you are curious, you can see what has been done so far on the Intermod problem.  If you have further questions, contact Ron Schwartz (K2RAS) or myself.  If you are interested in helping the Technical committee, contact Ron.

I want to welcome Mark Skelton (N7CTM) to the technical committee.  Mark has experience with repeaters which will be valuable to us.  Ron Schwartz (N2RAS) is currently leading the Technical Committee along with being the LARC Vice President, and is working with Mark on the current 2m repeater issues.  In addition, the Technical Committee will be looking into the future of LARC radio operations.  Again, if you are interested in helping the Technical Committee in defining our direction or current repeater operations, contact Ron or myself.

We have many other things going on that can use LARC members help.  Here are a few that you can help with:

·         LARCFest – Contact Jerry Schmidt (N0OUW)

·         Meeting presentations, both suggestions for and giving presentations at general meetings. – Contact Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)

·         Participation in upcoming Field Days – Contact Doug Altman (KE0SI)

·         Participation in upcoming HF Radio 101 sessions for new people to HF – Contact Ron Schwartz (K2RAS), Doug Altman (KE0EE) or Kat (W0UM) and Brian (AF0W) Gonderinger

·         There is always the Soldier Sniffers being held at 1:00pm on the second and 4th Saturdays of the month at the Clover Building.  Bring any radio projects or questions to the sessions for help.

Other things will be coming up so stay tuned.  If you have idea’s, please let any Board member know.  This is your club and we would like your involvement and help in making it the best club in Colorado.  New people, please let us know your idea’s.

I am looking forward to seeing you at our February meeting where we will feature a presentation by James Cizek (KI0KN) titled 'Repeaters 101'.  It should prove to be very interesting for us so please be there.

See you on the 15th.



Starr Aldrich N0AES – President LARC

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