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May 2017 General Meeting - Program Change Announced - How to DMR

Following Joey’s great presentation on DMR, some questions were raised regarding our local variety of DMR networks, talk groups, color codes, time slots, and codeplugs.  Is there a ‘local’ DMR repeater or do we always transmit all over Colorado.  Can we run simplex on DMR?  Can we use our DMR HT to talk around the world.  When contacting others on DMR, why do we have to announce our talk group?  And how do we program all this into the radio.

So this month we present ‘Explaining your DMR Radio; or how to setup and talk on DMR without annoying others and getting the DMR police on your tail…’  

Join us for some practical examples of how to setup, and what to do and not do with your new DMR $100 radio.

The Emergency Preparedness presentation, originally planned for this date, by Ray,  will be postponed to a future General Meeting



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