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Permanent Antenna is installed

The permanent VHF antenna has been installed again at the Justice Center.  Please get the word out to test the repeater.

Jerry (N0OUW)


Snippet Report of August 22, 2017, AD0WU

Returning from my Idaho eclipse trip,  I tried keying both of our repeaters on I-25 from Owl Canyon Road (North of Ft Collins)  South to Mead.  I could reliably key the 70cm repeater from US 14 South while I was not able to key the 200cm repeater until South of US 34.  While there was quite a disparity, the 70cm machine suggests our current location is surprisingly good on North-bound I-25.  Yet, it is not clear, why the 200cm machine does not work even better.

Not surprisingly, the NCARC 447.225 MHz machine on Horsetooth talks well into Wyoming... useful to the ridge South of Larime.  Their linked 447.750 MHz Lee Hill machine is useful almost to the Wyoming line on I-25... but, "runs out of gas" as one travels West into Owl Canyon.  The 447.225 Horsetooth machine covers Owl Canyon.

Test system: 3 Watt hand-held driving an NMO center-roof-mounted 19" whip on both bands.

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