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Come to Field Day on Sat. 6/23 & Sun. 6/24!

Join Us on Field Day!

  • Where:  Isaac Walton Park Clubhouse at 18 Sunset Street, Longmont, 80501 
  • When:   Begins Saturday, 6/23, at 12:00 noon thru Sunday 6/24 noon
  • Why:     Get experience on HF Radios, make friends, get contacts, have fun!
  • How:     Come to the Clubhouse, and bring your family & friends!

Highlights of Field Day:

  • Digital Mode operation will be demonstrated through out the day Saturday.  Don, KE0EE will demonstrate JT65 operation.  He will show you the automated software on his laptop, and how two stations exchange information.  Don has made over 1200 contacts JT65 on the HF bands.
  • A High-End Software Defined Radio will be demonstrated also during the day Saturday.  The Flex Radio is 90% computer software and 10% hardware (very small black box).
  • One of our radio set ups will be in a really nice GO BOX.  It contains two radios and capability for multiple antennas and power sources.  A Solar Power Source will be used part of the time.
  • We will have a CW station for those who want to try their hand at this digital mode during the contest. Bring your own key, bug, or keyer.
  • There will be a radio set up just for newer hams to use, with an elmer (trainer) right there beside you to help you learn how to use the HF Radio and to get some contacts.
  • Bring your own radio if you would like.  Remember to bring your own power supply to connect with 110 volts. 
  • There is wifi in the building.
  • Snacks will be provided.
  • We will have a variety of antennas from 6 meters to 40 meters.
  • We will have an excellent exhibit of what HAM radio is all about.  Bring a friend and introduce them to HAM Radio too!

If you would like to help set up the antennas and the clubhouse, feel free to come by at 9:30 am on Saturday.People are also needed for take-down just after 12:00 noon on Sunday.Hope to see you there!




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