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LARC General Meeting - 3rd Wednesday each month

LARC General Meeting - 3rd Wednesday each month

In February we have a DOUBLE agenda not to be missed!  Come see the actual test results of Ron’s Magnetic Loop antenna and the matching Arduino-based antenna tuner build!!!  The antenna and electronics will be onsite and the results are intriguing.  Actual performance measurements against other antennas will also be presented. Will the antenna outperform other antennas, and if so in what ways…  Is it a reasonable HOA alternative capable of running 1000 watts?…  Come and find out.

LARC is also pleased to announce the availability of our own club GOBOX and emergency deployment exercise program.  Learn how YOU can check out the GOBOX containing ICOM-7300 HF and Kenwood VHF/UHF radios!  The GOBOX can be run with battery and solar power, at the top of Long’s Peak or in your living room!  At the same time begin planning for our new quarterly LIVE exercises in emergency communications.  These programs will greatly improve the communications resilience of both our club and individual members in any situation.  AND IT WILL BE FUN!!  Come see how to join in the action.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 19:00 to 21:00

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