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First LARC Emergency Exercise - Scheduled for May 18

First LARC Exercise - Scheduled for May 18

Our first LARC emergency exercise is scheduled for Saturday, May 18 at 7:00 PM. The exercise will start promptly at 7:00, to participate you must start by calling into the LARC repeaters (they will be linked). Starting with Net Control (K2RAS), we will take a roll call for the exercise and will provide detail instructions for the event.  Net Control will (hopefully) remain on the repeaters for the duration of the exercise to answer any questions.
Note that two or more members can use a single radio, but each member must make their own contacts. Contacts must be made over the air to another radio, (Internet connections cannot be used in Winlink).  Also, points will only be awarded for contacts between stations acknowledged on the roll call.  All contacts must be made during the exercise.

All activity must be completed by 8:00PM (1 hour for the total exercise).  The following points can be earned (in any order) by participants:



Running your radio (and computer) on battery power for the entire exercise 5 points
Using the LARC GOBOX 5 points
VHF voice contact with Net Control 1 point
VHF Packet Winlink email sent (each 2-way QSO) 1 point
VHF Packet peer-to-peer email sent (each 2-way QSO) 1 point
HF Packet email sent (each 2-way QSO) 1 point
HF Packet peer-to-peer email sent (each 2-way QSO) 1 point
No final roll call will be made.  If you used Winlink for the exercise the final Winlink email should be to Net Control (K2RAS in this exercise). It should list all the contacts made (both the sending and receiving station), and the mode of contact. Also mention any other points earned (being off-grid, using the GOBOX...) If you are not using Winlink, simply email any required details to Net Control at  It is not necessary to confirm the initial check-in contact with Net Control if you were acknowledged during the event.

Good luck...


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