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Turkey Day Net (HF)

I came across information about a "Turkey Day Net" on (  If you want to get away from visiting relatives for a bit, perhaps try seeing if you can reach them!

Looks like they start at 1600 UTC (9am Mountain) and are on the following frequencies (+/- if already in use): 10m-28.450, 15m-21.310, 20m-14.245, 40m-7.200

They will be posting updates on the above URL, so check there for more info.

If you don't have an HF radio, you can always try listening on one of the free web-based SDRs!  Check out and for receivers located around the world.

You can also just try reaching out on the LARC repeaters (including via Echolink), to see if anyone's around.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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