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New 6 Meter Group forming


Item of interest for our club. Please read the email below I received on a new group for 6 meters!!!

I would like to share with the LARC club a new forum that Paul NO0T and I have started that focuses on 6 Meter operation.  With the upcoming Sporadic E season, there should be a lot of fun on the band this summer.

The group is located at and membership is open to anyone who is interested.  While it includes an email reflector, we expect it to be much more…   your one stop for learning about 6 Meter operations and connecting with like minded hams in the area. 

We opened the site on Monday, and sent out a blast email to folks in the area that we have worked on 6 meters.  We already have 55 members and growing…  with 55 messages reflected back to the group.

Please share this information on the bulletin board, nets, monthly newsletter, etc.


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