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How well do you ZOOM ?

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In a recent LARC board meeting, the topic of ZOOM came up and how the club might use it. There were a number of suggestions mentioned and I am certain that we will all be hearing about some of them in the near future. There may be articles in the Splatter, or the Website, discussions on the nets, or even via E-Mails.

It is clear that Zoom is being used quite a bit for all sorts of meetings and classes etc. during this time of physical distancing. Jerry (N0OUW) has been using it in conjunction with his volunteering with the SCTC (Senior Computer Tech Center) and has volunteered to create a Zoom class (using Zoom) to introduce this relatively new tool to LARC members. The next question becomes 'How many members would like to attend this type of class to learn more about how to use it?  It may very well be that many folks have already learned about it and are comfortable using it.

We would like to hear your thoughts on the topic of having such a class.

Please click on the following link to take a quick survey to tell us what you think.

Zoom class interest survey   

Thanks......Jerry  (N0OUW)

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