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Longmont Amateur Radio Club Press Release

LARC – Longmont Amateur Radio Club Press Release



Chuck Poch – K0ITP – LARC Board President




2020 On the Air with Santa — December 1 – 5, 2020, 6PM-7PM Mountain Time

Ham radio operators from the Longmont Amateur Radio Club in Longmont, Colorado will be giving other HAMS the opportunity for youngsters to talk to Santa. This will be done via the club’s repeaters at

VHF: 147.270 MHz (+) 100 Hz CTCSS toneUHF: 448.800 MHz (-) 88.5 Hz CTCSS orEchoLink: WØENO-R (node 8305)

During the event young and experienced can get on the air and talk to Santa. To participate all you need is a Ham Radio and a licensed operator.

Each night at 6PM Santa will get on the air and call out for hams to get on the air with him.

With Covid-19 and social distancing the LARC wanted to try to bring us a little closer and talk to Santa , since we probably will not be seeing him in person this year at Malls and such.

LARC is a non-profit community organization that is always trying to give back, since 1969.

LARC participates in parades, emergency events and in supporting the community anyway they can with additional communications means.

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