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LARC - Ham Net Challenge

Are you up to it? I have a challenge for you. 

Below you will see a list with all the nets I was able to find on the web. 
I would like for you to help update, maybe attend one or many of these nets to see what they are like. 
The Goal: 
To create the best list of nets for the state of Colorado!!! Then I will post it on the website. 
For any corrections or additions please send the information to me.
I'm giving it 2-3 weeks to get this list as detailed as we can so we can publish it to the website. If you can reach nets in Wyoming add them as well. 
Thank you all for your help and support in this effort.
So get on the air and start enjoying the nets Colorado has to offer!
Current List:  (Updates as I get them) Download here

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