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Our FOXHUNT has been rescheduled for this weekend -- for SATURDAY, APRIL 3rd!!

Longmont Amateur Radio Club (LARC) Presents a Free and Fun FOX Hunt!  JOIN US!

This little guy has been sending out signals that sound like SSTV! Check out Google for information on SSTV and HAM Radio fox hunting. There are also ideas for antennas (make your own) and apps for SSTV decoding.

Want to help finding him? Starting at 10AM Saturday APRIL 3rd, 2021 and until 2PM this little guy will be transmitting SSTV signals. To register go to For additional information email

How this works:

  • As always be safe…..  

  • The boundary for this event is from 287(Main Street, Longmont) to the west, I25 to the east,CO 66 to the north and Rt 52 to the south.  

  • Turn your radio on to 145.600MHZ to start hearing the signal at 10AM.

  • Signal will run for approx. 74 seconds and end with a cw call sign. Then start again 5 minutes later. Until 2 PM. 

  • For questions you can use our repeaters: They will be monitored. 

VHF: 147.270 MHz (+) 100 Hz CTCSS tone (req'd and xmitted)

UHF: 448.800 MHz (-) 88.5 Hz CTCSS tone (req'd and xmitted)                      (repeaters are always linked together)

Next track the signal down using the SSTV pictures and Fox Hunting Techniques to find him. 

  • For every picture received and decoded 1 point will be issued (does not need to be perfect). You still get points even after you find the fox by decoding pictures. Estimated total pictures should be around 32. Plus, a selfie with the fox when found.  

  • If you collect all the photos you get a bonus 10 points. 

  • For homebrew antennas used you get additional 2 points. 

  • First person to find it gets 5 points and everyone else 1 point. 

  • Email all pictures and experiences to

  • Points will be added up, sent to all participants and certificates will be handed out for the event. 



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