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Software Defined Radio

Leonard Leeper (KC0WOX) mentioned a website he discovered recently concerning the use of Software Defined Radios that stream their radios to the web for our listening enjoyment.

I will leave it to Leonard to fill us in on what he has learned about the site. Click Here to check it out for yourself.

A really good way to get started in SDR is with a softrock kit. They are available form They sell out fast and he restocks about every week or so. I reccomenr:

SoftRock RX Ensemble II Receiver Kit $56.00 each

The SoftRock RX Ensemble II Receiver Kit includes the components for building the kit for LF, 180kHz through 3.0 MHz, operation or for HF, 1.8 MHz through 30 MHz operation. A second 74AC74 position provided on the circuit board gives an additional division by 4 on the Si570 clock signal for LF operation. For HF operation the second 74AC74 is not mounted on the board and an HF jumper is installed to route the Si570 clock signal directly to the 74AC74 that is used for quadrature clock generation

The manual for it can be found at

If you would like to try out SDR, go to and select a receiver site. You can then tune the radio just as if it was your receiver running on your computer.


Don’t know how I managed two msgs.  Please delete this one

got my rtl-sdr v3 dongle about three weeks ago and am learning a lot.  Have received 2 meter, 70 cm,  police and aircraft, along with some tones on other bands.  Lots to learn here.  

I am wondering if anyone else is trying to come up to speed with sdr, and if so, perhaps a sharing event some evening or weekend would be of interest?

Or, perhaps just a discussion here though the forums don’t appear to get much activity.


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