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For Sale or Wanted

This page can be used to post items for sale as well as items that you might be looking to purchase.

Scroll to the bottom to see the new listings. Starting June 2020 items listed here will be deleted or renewed with comments, after 90 days. 



As of June 1st 2020 this tower is still available.

I have a 54ft. tower & guy wires that have to go away because I am moving- this is all free- U take down and haul away- I keep antennas Please let all interested parties know-first come first serve. I live by Gilcrest. Colorado.


This tower is still available as of June 4th, 2020.

Tower is located in Longmont. New owner of home will give it away.  You take it down.

Antenna and rotor are gone already.  It is not tubular, but channelized metal.  Looks in decent shape. Call Doug, ke0si, at 303-883-2782, for pictures and phone of new owner.  

ALS-1300 and ARI-500 Automatic Band Switch. One owner, original box, none smoker. $1950.00 10 thru 160 Meters.



Estate sale. List UPdated 8 July 2020     
  Item Description Asking price Notes
1 Allen Telecom, Antenna Specialist Division, 440 Mhz band , On glass mobile antenna, AP 454.3. New never used in package. $45 Allen Telecom was bought for $500M
2 Archer TV antenna rotator, used. $25  
4 Cushcraft, ringo ranger 2 meter base antenna, like the current AR-2 $35 AR-2 new is $74.
11 Magellan RoadMate GPS - 5430T-LM (2014) $55 eBay used $55. NEW $150
12 MFJ 259B Antenna analyzer, 160 KHz to 144MHz.  Looks like new.  $172 eBay $172 - $180 20 bids. HRO 259D $289
21 RCA Remote Programmable Antenna Rotator VH126N $50 $50 - $80 on eBay
25 Tigertronics, Signal Link Sound Card, looks new in box $125 eBay $125 - $180
32 MFJ 260B dummy load  300 watt $35 eBay new $53. HRO $55.

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