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This page can be used to post items for sale as well as items that you might be looking to purchase.

This page was created on 22 July 2012 due to some problems with the previous version of this page. I am currently experimenting with adjusting the access to this page in order to avoid those types of problems. So if you had items listed For Sale previously that have been lost due to this re-organization, please contact me at  Sorry for any inconvenience..Jerry

Until I learn how to set up this page so anyone can add data without being able to alter other portions of the page, please feel free to Login and add your items for sale or items wanted in a comment to the page. Let's see how that works.....Jerry


From: Walter Goedecke <>To: BARC70 <>Sent: Fri, Mar 16, 2018 11:41 pmSubject: Wire wrap wireHello,Could I put out a request for 30 gauge wire wrap wire? Since JB Saundersclosed, I'm having problems getting short turn-around supplies. I onlyneed a couple of feet, but would be glad to purchase some or a spoolfrom someone.Thanks,Walter Goedecke303-494-3348

Interested in learning DMR? This is a decent HT to get you started: In good shape with all the necessary accessories. 73, Toshen,

Really free?   I will take it!  

There are also a couple boxes of assorted electonics ... it all has to go.



If this is still available, I'll take it off of your hands.  I work midnight shift, I'll give you a call later when I wake up.


Chuck  KE0PTI

Asking $175.00

  • Yaesu VX-5R, Tri-band handheld for sale (6M, 2M, and 70CM).  Good condition with original box and manual.
  • New Yaesu FNB-80LI battery
  • Yaesu MH-34 Speaker Mic
  • Yaesu CD-15 Rapid charger
  • Yaesu FNB Battery case
  • RT Systems UDB-57a programming cable (SW not included)
  • 2 Yaesu FNB-58lI batteries, unknown condition
  • Yaesu E-DC-5B cigarette adapter
  • Swivel Belt clip

 Email: if there are questions.











Greetings old friends,

I have a 54ft. tower & guy wires that have to go away because I am moving- this is all free- U take down and haul away- I keep antennas Please let all interested parties know-first come first serve. I live by Gilcrest. TNX


What brand of tower is it Glenn?

Tower is located in Longmont. New owner of home will give it away.  You take it down.

Antenna and rotor are gone already.  It is not tubular, but channelized metal.  Looks in decent shape. Call Doug, ke0si, at 303-883-2782, for pictures and phone of new owner.  

BMG Engineering Super DF that came as a kit about 15 years or so ago. It is no longer available new since K6BMG was getting on in years and shut the company down. It is the Cadillac of TDOA units. $50 for it complete with antennas, manuals and a grip for portable use.

I have a lightly used Anytone D868UV DMR radio for sale, comes with stock charger, belt clip, extended 3100mAh battery.

Loaded with most curent firmware 2.36.  I can pre load it with a code plug I have used in the denver area if you send me your DMR ID and call sign.


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