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Meeting Presentations

If you were a presenter and would like to have your presentation  posted here in the members-only section, please contact Jerry (N0OUW) at

This can be perhaps the most valuable aspect of club membership. Miss a meeting? Didn't quite get what was said?  No problem - it's recorded and made available right here on the web.

2021  Mar  Virtual Meeting using Zoom -

2021  Feb  Virtual Meeting using Zoom - 

2021  Jan   Virtual Meeting using Zoom -

2020  Dec  Virtual Meeting using Zoom - Chrstmas Social Get-Togethjer   

2020  Nov  Virtual Meeting using Zoom - Nick Meacher, AA0NM  Patriot VE Team - Laurel VEC                 

2020  Oct   Virtual Meeting using Zoom - Bob Witte K0NR, author of  VHF, Summits and More: Having Fun With Ham Radio

2020  Sep   Virtual Meeting using Zoom - Presntation about the ARRL by Jeff Ryan K0RM Rocky Mountain Division  ARRL Director 

2020 Aug    Virtual Meeting using Zoom - Presentation by Amanda Alden K1DDN describing her involvement with HAMNATION

2020 July    Virtual Meeting using Zoom - General Roundtable Discussions - Good reviews.  We could see each other and everyone had a chance to contribute.

2020 June   Virtual Meeting using WEBEX - Jeff Ryan  'The History of Amateur Radio'

2020 May   Virtual Meeting using WEBEX - Don Lewis (KE0EE) Operating FT-8

2020 Apr    Virtual Meeting using WEBEX - Chuck (K0ITP)  'What is a Ham Shack?'

                  Chuck's Powerpoint

                  Kat and Bryan's HamShack Presentation

2020 Mar   Meeting cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic

2020 Feb   First HF Contacts and Dipole Trimming - Cameron Gordon (WØCAM)

2020 Jan    SkyWarn presentation by a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Boulder

2019 Nov   Chuck Poch (K0ITP) and  Bryan Gonderinger (AF0W) presented "Satellite Communications on the Cheap" (scroll to end of page)

                  Also see file called "Pre-Meeting_Demo_Slideshow" for additional satellite-related pictures.

2019 Oct    James Cizek and Wayne Hall updated LARC on the Summits on the Air  (SOTA) aspect of Amateur Radio

2019 Jul     Ron (K2RAS) deomstrated peer-to-peer packet messaging between go-Boxes using both VHF and HF along with a review of the LARC emergency exercise program.

2019 Jul     Jerry (N0OUW) presented a 'Tour' of the club's website. Since this topic doesn't lend itself to a Powerpoint presentation, Jerry has offerred to spend time with anyone for a personal tour of all the many items of interest to club members that can be found on the website. 

2019 Jun    Review of Exercise #1 and a look forward to the next Exercise. 

2019 May   VHF Packet Presentation  (I Think)  Ron K2RAS

2019 Apr    Emergency Exercise and  Packet Communications using WinLink by Ron (K2RAS)

2019 Mar    ACRS Presentation   Presented by Gary (AD0WU)     

2019 Feb    Mag Loop Build Project and  GOBOX and Emergency Exercise Program by Ron (K2RAS)

2019 Jan     CERT Presentation by Ron Collins (KE0MJW)   


2018 Sep   LARCbbs Overview presentation by Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)

2018 Aug   Magnetic Loop Construction Project presentation by Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)

2018 Jul     SharkRF OpenSpot presentation by Ron Schwartz (K2RAS) 

2018 Apr   Disconnecting from the Grid presentation by Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)

2018 Mar   Loop Antenna/SDR Presentation by Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)

2018 Feb   Frank Harris (K0IYE) gave a very interesting presentation on various radio building activities. 

2018 Jan    Presentation by Bob Steenburgh of the Space Weather Prediction Center


2017 Nov   Presentation by EOSS (Edge of Space Science) club

2017 Oct    HT Antenna Workshop - FT-8  Video - WSJT-X Software    (YouTube link by K1JT) (Video no longer available)

2017 Sep    LIVE night of HF activity using a Flex 6500 SDR - Ron (K2RAS)

2017 Aug    Jack Bottorf (KC0JAX)  APRS

2017 July    Jeremiah Bagula (N0KMO)  Mesh Networking and the CARBBN system in Colorado

2017 June   Emergency Preparedness - Ray Rayburn - N1IUU

2017 May   Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)  DMR - How-to

2017 Apr    Joey Stanford (NVON)  RMHAM - DMR Network

2017 Mar   Toshen Golias (KE0FHS) D-Star

2017 Mar    Ron Schwartz (K2RAS) LARC Repeater Update

2017 Feb    James Cizek (KI0KN)   Repeater 101

2017 Jan     Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)   Packet Communications

2016 Oct   Bryan Gonderinger (AF0W)  Chirp Software 

2016 Oct   Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)   Multimode Digital Radios (packet.pdf not found)

2016 Feb   Ron Schwartz (K2RAS)   Fun with Digital Modes

2016 Jan    Not a presentation, but W0GMO provided us a link to the 2002 DXepedition to the South Sandwich Islands 

2015 Nov   Ron Schwartz   Operating off Grid / Lightning Protection

2015 Sep   Ron Schwartz  HF Operating

2015 July   Jim Andrews and Don Nelson 'Digital' amateur Television

2014 July   James Cizek provided information on the Care and Feeding of Lead Acid Batteries

 2013 Apr  Jack Ciaccia (WM0G) - Jack used a Power Point Presentation to instruct us on HF / DX Operating Procedures (attachment below)   

 2012 May  Sebastian (NS0W) - CW Proficiency

 2009 Feb   Kit Building by Leonard Leeper 

 2008 May  Sebastian (NS0W) - IRLP  (Link is broken)

 2008 Feb   Jeremy (WG9T), RF Impedance & Smith Charts

 2007 Jun   Jeremy (WG9T), Icom IC-7000 Tutorial adapted from Icom manual.

 2007 Jan   Ed (KI0RU) Amateur Rockets and Radio  Remove broken link Aug 2020  Jerry N0OUW

Unknown - VLA Presentation by Dr Z - check out this powerpoint presentation



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