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Jerry's Page - N0OUW


Jerry's Page - N0OUW



 Have you ever wondered what LARC members are interested in, or who might be able to help with what I am involved in?                         

      Check out this list       Then email me at to get your name addded to the list so we know what you are interested in...........

No need to be a member to participate in this exercise...........

  Ideas for short Tech Talks.........AKA Educating Jerry 

Another vintage clip - The Three Stooges and Morse Code      The Three Stooges and Morse Code

Interesting vintage Amateur Radio video - found in my e-mail this morning   -  Check it out Vintage Amateur Radio

 I recently viewed a 48 minute documentary about the Tinker Mill hacker space here in Longmont. If you ever had any questions about this activity, this should answer most of them.

Check it out.                Eyes on Longmont - the local hackerspace.

Kerry (N0WIQ), a frequent checker in-er to the Thursday Nite Net, offerred up a website url to a 1/2 hour video of an introduction to Amateur Radio.  So here is the link to that video -->      Enjoy!!

Click here to see a list of a few of my favorite websites: 

If you are interested in donating some of your old QSTs to your favorite Barber shop or Dr's Offices,

the QST Ticker label attached below uses the Avery shipping labels # 8254

Do you ever wonder if there is a line of sight path between you and another location?  If so.... check out this link for a method to accomplish this using Google Earth.

Recent MSNBC Clip - about Ham Radio and Emergency Services in Hawaii




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