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Thursday Nite Net

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Joined: Sunday, May 11, 2014 - 14:25
Thursday Nite Net

From time to time I will list the top ten calls to check into the Thursday Nite Net. As the year goes on it becomes harder and harder to get to the top ten - but I start all over again in the new year. If there are more than ten in the top ten that is because the percentages were the same at the bottom of the list. For 2013 the top ten were: Call Name % N0OUW Jerry 98% N7PUR Mark 87% N0XDA Jim 80% KD0PQX Mark 78% N1IUU Ray 78% KE0SI Doug 73% NS0W Sebatian69% KD0JPE John 64% AB0XH Chip 62% N0WIQ Kerry 62% So far in May 2014, the top ten are: Call Name % N1IUU Ray 100% N0HAU Curtis 90% N0OUW Jerry 90% N7PUR Mark 86% WL7CEG Dan 86% KD0BZK Starr 86% N0XDA Jim 81% NS0W Sebatian76% KD0JPE John 71% N0WIQ Kerry 67% KE0EE Don 67% Let me know what you think about this data. - Don Lewis

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