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New General License Preparation Class Starts MONDAY, 4/17!

Upgrade your license from Technician to General by taking our General License Preparation Class. This class runs Monday, April 17th through Thursday, May 18th (on Mondays & Thursdays) from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m., with the exam to follow on May 20th.  It is a 30-hour course. The fee for this class is $20, and you can purchase the spiral-bound General Class manual for $25 from the instructors Kat (W0UM) & Bryan (AF0W) Gonderinger. These seats will fill up fast, so register now, and once paid, your seat in this class is guaranteed.

To view and register for any of our LARC Education programs, click on the Education link on the left side and then click on the General Class.

LARC Repeater Problems

After quite a period of reasonable usage of the LARC VHF repeater, the intermod problem has returned with a vengeance in the past few days.

As a result we were unable to participate in a county wide BCARES propogation test this past Monday and also were unable to hold our weekly net tonite.

We did conduct the net tonite on the UHF repeater.  Steps are in progress to get the VHF machine back on the air as soon as possible. Until then, use it if it's working and if not, switch to the UHF machine on 448.800 with a + offset and an 88.5 Hz tone.

April Club Meeting Presentation

This month's presentation will be a discussion of the RMHAM Colorado microwave linked DMR system by Joey Stanford (NV0N).

This months meeting is on April 19, always the third Wednesday of the month, at 7:00PM in the Clover Building at the Boulder Country Fairgrounds in Longmont.  Come early to meet members and get a good seat.

March Club Meeting Presentation

This month's presentation will provide an overview of Digital Voice radio with an emphasis on the worldwide D-STAR system, particularly on using the system with a personal access point device (a.k.a., hotspot). We'll take a look at solutions that can be used in the shack and on the road.  This months meeting is on March 15, always the third Wednesday of the month, at 7:00PM in the Clover Building at the Boulder Country Fairgrounds in Longmont.  Come early to meet members and get a good seat.

Register for the March Technician License Preparation Class!

Our next Technician License Preparation Class starts Monday, March 6th!  Click on the Education link on the left to register for this class.  Tell all your friends & relatives who aren't licensed yet that now is the time to jump into the hobby.  Register today and become a licensed ham operator! 

Announcing the LARC Mentoring Program

We are pleased to announce the release of the LARC Mentoring Program.  The program will assist members less familiar with radio operation to get on the air and build confidence in their radio abilities.  Mentors can also assist members on technical issues such as radio and equipment setup, and antenna configuration.  

LARC members interested in advancing their knowledge by learning new digital modes or moving from local VHF to HF and DX activities should take advantage of this learning opportunity.  Mentors will be matched based upon interests and knowledge level.

The mentoring program is available to all active members of LARC.  Anyone interested in being mentored or in becoming a mentor should contact Ron Schwartz at

February Club Meeting Presentation

This month's club meeting will feature a presentation by James Cizek titled 'Repeaters 101'.  The presentation should be of interest to members, particularly considering our recent challenges with our 2M repeater.  This months meeting is on Feb 15, always the third Wednesday of the month, at 7:00PM in the Clover Building at the Boulder Country Fairgrounds in Longmont.  Come early to meet members and get a good seat. 

Happy New Year from the President - Starr Aldrich (N0AES)


To all Longmont Amateur Radio Club Members (LARC) we wish you a Happy New Year and hope 2017 brings many new Ham Radio opportunities to all.  We look forward to a lot of FUN activities this year and hope to see many new Ham Radio operators getting more involved with the club. 

There are many committees and activities the new members can be involved with.  Any of the standing committees (Technical, Membership, Planning, Publicity) can use help if you have the interests.  There is the Solder Sniffers that you can become involved with to work on your own project, help others with their project, ask technical questions or work with test equipment.  There are the service projects we work on (Turkey Trot, various parades and even the Field Day).

We will be working on the meeting presentations so if you have a topic you are interested in, let Ron Schwartz (K2RAS) know.  We are also looking for brief (10-15-minute tech talk) technical presentation at the beginning of the meeting which if you have something you would like to share, again, let Ron know.

This is your club so please be involved as much as you can.  We still need someone to become the Technical Committee Chairperson.  The chairperson is a Board Member and Ron Schwartz is filling in right now.  If you have a question on what is involved in the position, contact Ron Schwartz or me.  Maybe you can start as a Technical Committee member first.  One of the things we need from the Technical Committee is to help the Board establish a technical plan for the next few years. 

I want to thank everyone that participated in the 2016 activities, meetings and events.  Without your support we could not serve our community with the radio support needed during any emergencies or special events they need us for.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at the LARC meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm, Clover building of the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  Also please feel free to participate in the Monday night nets.  Make sure you contact any Board Member to express your interests and questions on Club activities and needs.

Again, Happy New Year and may 2017 bring opportunities to everyone.


Starr Aldrich N0AES – President LARC

Merry Christmas from the LARC Board

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays.  2016 has been a great year for LARC.  We have paticipated in many activities and promoted the education of many new HAMS.  Thank you to everyone involved.  2017 will be even greater.  Please enjoy the Holidays and have a great time over the next week while being safe.

I hope to see everyone at our general meeting on January 18th and if anyone wants to join the Board meeting on January 4th, feel free to attend.  The Board will be working on some of the things for 2017 and would appreciate any input any of you have.

See you next year and again have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

One Man's Journey into D-Star


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