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VOTE in our August Poll!

If you haven't yet voted, go to to tell us about your handheld radio use.  It's anonymous, and for curiosity purposes only. 

Rookie Roundup (RTTY) This Weekend!

The ARRL Rookie Roundup for RTTY is this Sunday, August 16, from noon to 5:59pm (1800Z-2359Z).

Rookie Roundups are events to encourage newly-licensed operators ("Rookies") to operate "competitively" on HF.  A Rookie is defined as having been licensed in the current year or the previous 2 years, as well as operators who have been licensed longer, but haven't made any contest-related contacts yet.

There are two other Rookie Roundups - one for SSB (held in April), and one for CW (held in December).

You don't have to be a Rookie to participate (only to score points!)  Rookies get points for contacting non-Rookies, so if you're free, get on your radio and help out some newcomers!

For more information, see:

The reason I put "competitively" in quotes was that during our first ever contest, I (as KD0ZZX) made just 4 contacts, and my wife Kat made just 3, but we were not the lowest scores in the 0 call area! (see

We had a great time participating, and had no illusions of doing well (as this was our very first time on HF at all), so don't be shy!

The July Splatter (newsletter) has been published

Our July Splatter is available for reading either by clicking on the Splatter Newsletters link on the left or by going to:

Join Us on our Hamlet (newbie) Net Tonight at 7 pm!

You are invited to join us on our Hamlet Net (for newer ops) tonight, Tuesday, at 7:00 pm on either the 2m or 70cm repeaters, listed on the left.

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Starts Today at 6:45 pm!

The QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Starts Today, Friday, August 7th, at 6:45 pm Mountain Time at

Lots of great prizes are being given out, many vendors will be there, and you can earn points to get special gifts from vendors!  Many vendors are also giving out expo discounts, so be sure to check it out!  

Look at the speaker list and be sure to listen and learn!  

Third VE Session Added on Saturday, 8/8!

The 9 am and 10:30 am test sessions are FULL on Saturday, 8/8, But we've added another one!  There are 10 SEATS AVAILABLE in our 12:00 pm (NOON) test session that was just added.  Please go to  to register for this exam!

Our regularly-scheduled August 22nd is at 9am at 350 Terry Street in Longmont. 

Please remember to bring your ID and your FRN information. 

Masks are required at all sessions, and hand-sanitizer will be available.

Good Luck!!

Thursday Night Net Beginning at 8:00 pm

Join us for our weekly club net at 8:00 pm every Thursday night, on our repeaters listed on the left.

Tuesday Night Net, 7pm

Join us for the Hamlet Net tonight, Tuesday, at 7:00 pm on our repeaters listed at the left.

LARC NET Tonight, Thursday, 7/30

Please join us for our regularly-scheduled Thursday night NET at 8:00 pm this evening.  You can use either the 2m or 70cm repeater (listed at left, 4th item down).  The repeaters are linked, so use whichever works best for you.  Hope to hear you on the air!

Hamlet Net Tonight, Tuesday @ 7pm

Join us for the Hamlet Net tonight, Tuesday, at 7:00 pm on our repeaters listed at the left.


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